crazy for you by Slowdive
Silver Soul by Beach House
Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac

Illustration of Dante’s Inferno, Map of Whole Hell 

Partied super hard last night, met my roommate’s girlfriend who’s totally going to grad school for clinical psychology (only like 1-3% of people who apply even get in) and she offered to let me do my research practicum with her! So when you guys go to college, or if you just started going to college, party lots and you’ll meet cool people who will help you graduate.


Akuma Aisawa, Each day I am a different person

Fuckkkkkkkk I’m still drunk.

Update: this party actually sucks. Like every party ever.

There’s about to be a huge party in my house. It’s almost eight and I’m already drunk as fuck. Anyway, I’ll probably post some selfies later. Hope all you tumblr people are doing well. 

Drinking only beer for dinner like a real adult.

What kind of plant should I get for my room?